Mobile Application Development

The number of smartphone users is continuously growing and it far outnumbers PC users, which is why the possibility of reaching the audience of this channel should not be ignored.

Try connect audience with ‘Technology on Fingertip’.

Today, for a business or an organization or a community, a major chunk of the success of the populous use of smartphones all over the globe lies in the apps they host. With the digital world taking over almost everywhere, an app is a quick-fix way to stay updated with your know-how or to serve as an attractive portal to attract further audience.

Think, you’ve got an idea for an app? Bring it on! We will work together to turn your inspiration into reality. Our professional team will design apps to every need; right from the inception to the operational module, we take care of it all for our clients, because we understand and structure innovation that a human love to interact.

Android Application

We consider the variety of Android devices that your clients use. Therefore, we design apps compatible with different devices that customers use, ensuring better user experiences. With our UX and UI Android app developers and designers, we will deliver high-quality Android apps.

iOS Application

Today, a client needs to consider how to make their services known. To do so, it is imperative to enlist technology. By using our iOS development service, a client is assured that their company is in the process of continual growth by providing visibility to the products and services they offer.

Mobile Web Apps

We help you build great Mobile Web Apps that are not just browser-based. They also penetrate IU WebView for operating systems and web view for Android. Our apps make use of low-level browsers using HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, Jquery etc.  

Amazing Easy-to-Use Look and Feel

What to do with a mobile app, if it is not user friendly in look and feel. We understand how a different set of human like to interact with a machine, and we believe in providing the solution with that satisfaction. Beside all technical development, our team have skills in putting different color combination in a right way so that it do not confuse user.

Apps in Indian Regional Languages

Under Digital India Initiative of Govt. of India, We at TechoFi are excited to bring the ‘Technology on Fingertip’ for the people living in rural India. Hence we are committed seriously to provide solutions in native regional languages also. Many NGO’s, Educational Institutes and other community based organizations seek for the cost efficient solutions in native languages. Let allow us to partner with you for ‘Digitization of Noble Cause Ideas That Matters !’ 


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