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The word technology on fingertip was first coined by one of the co-founder named Bonny Prajapati in the year of 2010 after passing his 12th grade. This was started with a Facebook group of people and friends who seek different hacks and solutions to different problems, at that time smartphone were not popular and the internet have not touched the daily lives of people in India.

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After graduation Mr. Bonny Prajapati decided to work on own as a freelancing in Digital Marketing Sector. After two year of time, a friend cum sister, Kosha, who was studying with him in same college during graduation days came into contact. She too left job at IBM and have started working from home. Both Bonny and Kosha decided to work together. During this period, a cousin of Kosha named Ravi too decided that he will quit his job as an Android Developer and join both of them to form a trio synergy . Later all have decided to keep the name of the company as “TechoFi” Which is abbreviated word of the term “Technology on Fingertip”.

Quality Skills

All three co-founder have different set of skills and one nature that is of Humanity. The skill have emerged through constant learning platform since childhood. We are thankful to all those humans who contributed in developing such skill sets. From giants like Google, IBM, many corporate, some national and international non-profit organization have played a great role by providing the platform to deliver and enhance our skill sets. We are also thankful to them.

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